Online Employment Test Validation ProgramOnline Test Validation Analysis Program by Biddle Consulting Group

TVAP Online is a test validation and analysis program developed by Biddle Consulting Group for the HR EEO Community.

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What is TVAP Online?

The Online Test Validation & Analysis Program (TVAP Online) is designed to be used by personnel professionals to aid in validating written tests that address the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978) and relevant court cases. With TVAP Online, you will be able to determine the validity and cutoff scores of each individual item on your employment assessments.

TVAP Online is efficient and accurate:

  • Helps organizations to save resources and keep content secure. TVAP Online can be setup to be 100% digital - no test content needs to be printed.
  • Design your organization's employment tests the way you need them. TVAP Online can be used for knowledge based multiple choice or fill in the blank type tests for any organization.
  • Upload test content, test answers and alternatives, and knowledge, skills, and abilities from .csv format.
  • Invitations to take the TVAP Online survey are sent via email to Job Experts that are specified by the organization.

TVAP Online is secure and reliable:

  • The data analysis model is based on Biddle Consulting Group's established and proven model. Biddle's data analysis criteria has a 100% successful litigation defense rate when content validation has been challenged in court.
  • If test items are invalid, TVAP Online data analysis will specify exactly why. This allows you to easily revise the items and create a more reliable assessment.
  • TVAP Online is designed to require little to no consulting support to run the content validation.
  • TVAP Online utilizes SSL for security. The information entered into the system alongwith the data collected from the surveys are encrypted.

TVAP Online empowers HR managers and testing professionals to collect test validation content efficiently, accurately, and securely.
It's a tool you can rely on for your test validation needs.

TVAP Online provides basic test validation and analyses. For more advanced analyses including item analysis, DIF analysis, and adverse impact analyses, please inquire about Biddle Consulting Group's test development and test validation consulting services.

Download the Online Test Validation and Analysis Program Manual (PDF)Download the TVAP Online Manual (PDF)